Strange Child.

I don't know what I'm doing.

Fam I love you.


You don’t have to be blood

to be part of this gang

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Broken bottles.

 I looked up at the sky one night

trying to find my way back home

back to where I was supposed to be.

at this point I’m lost

but I’ve been lost so long

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Words trouble me

you know that

my speech resorts to gibberish

their desire to be granted one wish

to tell you


yet I found myself telling everyone else

I’m sorry [last time]

and like a book along the shelves

I worry [last time]

that I won’t be worth reading

because everyone already knows what happens

so I hope my big mouth doesn’t spoil the ending

reading each chapter

each paragraph,

each sentence,

each word,

each letter,

I hope we can read this story together.

dead letters


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Dear Alphabet

If only hugs were stars, then every night

I would feel awkward

that’s who you are

not awkward but a collection

a collection of moments

that speak like those old kind of keyboards, 

when you press those clunky keys.

unlocking the smile that is yours

and opening eyes laced with passion 

Timeless your touch makes you unique

Flamboyancy as your favourite flavour

you look like a dream.

and I don’t know whether its night or day

but I still dream

after minutes you were reaching into into your story

that composed of aws.

the aw you make when someone gives you a jacket when your cold

or when you receive a hand written letter

when someone is just ready to be open with you

I was captivated by this

 your nature, your straight to the point looks, because 

you make everyone feel warm 

when freezing is an understatement

Just like the way we looked up at the sky

tired from looking for each other

or just looking for a hug

I’m glad I found you

in those moments of youth.

To my love,

A love letter from God.

To my love,
I love you.
Just wanted to say that first because I do.
It’s been long
I’ve been missing, reminiscing
faded memories gone through different filters
they’re my favourite kind of pictures.
To go back to the days of learning
word after word we delved deep into forever.
Because you are my bestie.
and you have a destiny
that is far greater than your expectations
Somehow you had forgotten that like sunnies on the top of your head
having the keys in your hand but nothing in the ignition
You wanted to find love in a different place
Far from me, so you ran to different attractions
Biting into a toffee apple
Getting lost in a circus you looked for your own purpose
So like Boyz II Men
I’m at the end of the road and I’ve waited so long
that my feet are now pavement
And tears drop into broken lines and people overtake
you without any indication
You had been broken
And I have felt every scar
I didn’t want to force myself in the room
the keys were still held in your hand
Because I think of you like the way the sun and moon sit together during the day
helpless in their spheres
Though theres been dark times for you I’ve always tried to offer
my rays like reminders that you are loved
But the night is more enticing
things more frightening
I never wanted for you to be scared
I wanted you to know that I’m your rock
And rock don’t move.
I will drive out any fear that chooses you to be their home.
Because perfect love trades fear for peace

All I want is to know you
You need to let me show you
That I love you
and I love you
and I love you
and I love you
I waited because
I love you
I sacrificed a part of myself
I love you
I gave my everything
I still love you
Just let go of your past
that is in rewind your mind
thinking of your failure
I will never fail you.
You are my beloved
and I will chase you relentlessly
until you see tracks all around you
And when you fall, when you stumble, when you are weak
I will pick you up and take you to forever.


From Simone & George. I love the bands!

From Simone & George. I love the bands!

Service to other really matters. STORM Co. Read the rest of this entry »

No longer optional.

“Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.” – Maya Angelou

So much wisdom. Maya Angelou your words are proof of God’s blessing. I didn’t know how much I needed this. May I grow with God every day, never holding back on the grace that is found in Jesus. Hopefully I can craft words to be hope for people like you Mrs Angeolou. Thank you.

He’s Cool

Here’s to my friend. Your the blackest white guy I know Nic. Thanks for telling me if I’m too stalkerish, too smooth and too strange (you gave me the idea for the blog name), it’s cool. You bring out the white in me which I need! Read the rest of this entry »

Pen and Paper



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